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Super happy!
Grad photo tan
Happy Bride
Great for vacation!
No orange tone!


Great for vacation!
No Orange Tone!
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Super happy!

"Super lady, super product. Nothing else needs to be said" ~Laraine Mickelson   Barnum, MN

Grad photo tan

The tan goes on perfectly!  I feel so much better about myself and more confident after receiving a SafeSun tan. Robyn always makes me feel comfortable. The whole process of getting the tan done is very simple.  ~Ellie  Esko, MN

Happy Bride

"If you are looking to add  a beautiful, natural looking tan for any occasion, SafeSun is the way to go! I recently used SafeSun for my wedding day and it looked great. Robyn is so knowledgeable, professional, and gave me perfect instructions on how to prepare for my tan.  It was also convenient to do the tan right in my own home, and she made me feel comfortable through the process"

Great for vacation!

I had a winter cruise planed, and did not want to go through the process of driving 30 plus miles to the nearest tanning bed salon, weeks in advance, to try and establish a "base tan".  Tanning beds in the past seemed to dry my skin out. Leaving me feel dry after every session.  Knowing that tanning beds are extremely damaging, I wanted to find another way to tan.  I found Robyn's business online and called her. She was very professional and answered all my questions and concerns about her SafeSun application.  I was very impressed with Robyn.  She is pleasant, knowledgeable, and puts you at ease! I highly recommend having Robyn apply her SafeSun tanning process the next time you want a fast, safe, and healthier natural looking glow.

No orange tone!

SafeSun is awesome!  I have fair skin and I don't get a tan from the sun like most people so having this option is wonderful.  The result I get looks like a I spent a day at the beach.  There isn't any odor, orange tone, or streaks. I love the conveneince of her coming to my home and she is very accommodating with appointment times. Robyn make you feel relaxed during your whole session.

Flawless Tan ~ fun, fast, and fashionable

SafeSun was the absolute best choice I could have made. Robyn does a superb job of accommodating for you, and is very professional.  I felt completely comfortable, and had the a great chat while getting my tan.  The whole process was quick, didn't leave any bad odors, all very clean, and most importantly, I did not get orange at all!  SafeSun is the best spray tan I have ever had and I highly recommend it!  -Hannah W., Esko, MN

Bronzed Bride

"SafeSun was such an easy part of my wedding planning!  It was so convenient and easy for Robyn to come to my home before the wedding and the results were amazing!" ~ Ashley T.  Cloquet, MN

Convenient and No Orange color!

"I use SafeSun whenever I need some color for work or play. It is the safest and cleanest way to get a tan! So convenient to have it come to you! Robyn is professional, through, and so easy to be worries about that orange look it doesn't happen and looks great in photographs too!"
Leanne Joynes  -Duluth, MN

Friendly and Professional

"Not only is the convenience of having the tan done in your home wonderful, the results are great. Robyn is so friendly and professional during the session, that you feel very comfortable, and she make it a great way to pamper yourself".
-Stacy B.   Esko, Mn

Tan Party!

"SafeSun was a great way to have fun with a bunch of girls and get ready for the Sweetheart dance at East"
-Madi Joynes   Duluth, MN
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